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Puppy Doesn’t Want To Wake The Kittens, So Watch What She Does…

The battle between cats and dogs has long existed. Animal lovers are generally divided with the debate as to who’s cuter, funnier, more lovable, popular, and better as pets. You know what? The war might finally be over!

Attention to all Cats and Dogs:

Your smaller counterparts have already surrendered and gave up the fight!

Lined up in a couch are three tiny kittens and a cute little pup, with their short legs and paws altogether raised up high. The three kitties are sleeping like babies, completely enjoying the warmth of their canine friend. Later on, they move and roll about, then sprawl to either side of the puppy.

Still, this gentle dog just wouldn’t budge such that its adorably rounded eyes wouldn’t even blink. The four animals look like stuffed toys in an awe-inspiring image filled with peace, happiness and contentment. Just seeing this clip makes the world seem a whole lot better!

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