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A Child’s Wedding In Norway Took Another Turn As The Crowd Watched. See What Happened!

If you’ve ever attended a wedding, then you already know how much of an emotion it is for the groom and the bride. However, some rotten cultures have turned this supposedly happy event into a tool of torment for the girl child. Underage girls are married off to much old men without their consent or even legality.

However, various groups have come out to protest against this mistreatment. Plan Norway is one of these groups, but it’s just how they conduct their awareness programs that’ll really move you.

In this video, you get to watch what happened when Plan Norway decided to invite many people to a child’s as part of it awareness campaign. As the ceremony went on, the crowd protested, chanting down the proceedings and calling for a stop of the ceremony.

Now, the real moment comes when the 12-year-old girl, Thea, is asked if she really wants to marry Geir, 37. Her reaction is everything!

You can’t skip this. Everybody needs this. Please watch the full video and be sure to SHARE it with all your friends and family on Facebook. Down with the oppression!

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