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Chinese man spends $400K to purchase Dog slaughterhouse and set up shelter!


When Wang Yan lost his dog in 2012, he searched everywhere – even a slaughterhouse – to find his furry friend.

Once he saw what was happening within the building’s walls, however, knew he had to take action and he build a shelter…

There are a number of people choosing to use their wealth for a good purpose.

For example, Johnny Depp intends to purchase the site of Wounded Knee Massacre and gift it back to the Native American people, and a 95-year-old Jewish Holocaust survivor is funding the rescue of 2,000 Middle-Eastern Christians.

Such stories give one hope in humanity, and this latest news is no different.

Purchase Dog Slaughterhouse And Set Up Shelter

Wang Yan, a dog-lover who, unfortunately, lost his own furry friend in 2012, went searching for a new companion when someone referred him to visit a slaughterhouse for dogs.

Purchase Dog Slaughterhouse And Set Up Shelter

“I went looking everywhere, but all to no avail. Finally someone let me go into (a local slaughterhouse) to try my luck there.”

While Yan didn’t end up meeting a new furry friend, what he saw in the slaughterhouse shocked him.

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