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Cop Doesn’t Know He’s Being Recorded. How He Reacts to Mom Leaving Kids in a Hot Car Goes Viral

Every year, over 30 kids lose their lives because some reckless adult left them trapped in cars during hot weather. This is an issue that’s been generating quite some heat recently, with so many people coming out to condemn the behavior. It’s for that reason that everyone is now applauding this officer.

It happened when this Vancouver mom left her two kids in the car as she walked into a grocery store. It was a hot day, with temperatures hitting over 122 degrees inside the car. The windows were rolled up. This is dangerous!

Thanks to a swift person, a 911 call was placed and this officer showed up at the scene. They had to bring paramedics and a fire truck too incase the kids had been affected. Now this video captures that moment when the officer got to face that careless mom and told it all to her face. She even tried to argue with the cop. Gross!

Watch this important clip and SHARE with all your buddies. Drop us a comment too. People need to beware of these dangers!

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