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Corgi and Chicken Square Off in Brutal Fight, Until 3rd Player Interferes to Take Action

Animal fights are ugly, horrific, and painful to watch. That’s why we all hate those nasty places where animals are forced to fight each other. However, it’s never the same when a household has a few different pets that don’t seem to let each other be. The two in this video will leave you cracking up really hard. Plus there’s a 3rd force in waiting!

It all starts when this Corgi meets the family hen and they both get into a nasty mood. The dog would really love to feel superior by staring down and making a grown hen run away, so the cute Corgi tries just that. The two end up staring at each with no one in the mood to break it up. At that point, the pup decides to spice up the tense even with some of its inherent karate knowledge. You’ve to see this!

As the two get into another playful confrontation and gymnastics, a duck watching from the background decides to make itself a full participant of this attention-grabbing scene. Next? I’m on the floor!

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