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She Couldn’t Leave Her Friend Behind During The Rescue. Such A Scene!

Have you ever heard of junkyard dogs? Well, there are actually dogs that live under deplorable conditions. The dogs in the video were actually living such a life when someone reported them to a dog rescue center. They were particularly difficult to rescue. This is because they had spent such a long time in the without human contact. Millie, the light colored dog was the first one to give up. She was tired of feeding in from garbage dumps and felt she needed a change.

Shadow, was however not quick to trust these human strangers. It was only after her trusted friend Millie assured her that all is well, that she came out from their hiding place. She had spent quite a long time hiding, but the rescuers and her friend Millie were not going to give up on her. Both dogs had a complete transformation. They changed from living in trash to living in a home. They had to live with separate families; however they still visit each other.

Their story was both a success and quite rare. However, there are plenty of dogs around that need someone to help them get a new life. They need that urgently.

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