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Couple is called ‘cruel’ by neighbors because of having a child, their thinking is saddening

Simon Moore and his wife Vicky are two people who love each other to the moon and back. Simon is a determined you man, and not even his rare condition could stop him from leading a normal life. He suffers from a condition known as Treacher Collins, and it causes facial disfigurement. But that couldn’t break his spirit. He found himself a nice, loving wife and settled down. And then they had a kid!

That’s what got the neighbors talking. Apparently, Simon’s neighbors didn’t like the fact that he was having a child while running the risk of the little one having the same condition as his. They called him names for it, but he wouldn’t bulge. To Simon and Vicky, raising their little daughter, Alice, was their main source of happiness, and no one could take away from them!

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