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Cruel Owner Arrested Without Bail For Dragging and Badly Beating His Dog

A pitbull dog has been left in a critical condition after a man was seen beating the poor animal within an inch of its life, before he was detained by police.

The Massachusetts citizen, identified as twenty-two year old Mark Rodney Hurd, was stopped by law enforcement after a report from a concerned citizen. They found him dragging the dog, known as ‘Chance,’ across his driveway.

The animal had reportedly been suffering from a severe limp and had been spotted coughing up blood.

A Chief from the Everett police force has commented on the situation:
“It’s extremely disappointing to see this type of violence perpetrated on an animal especially a domesticated pet.”

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Steven Mazzie went on to encourage anyone who witnesses such behaviour to report it to the police as soon as possible:
“The Everett Police Department takes these cases seriously and would like to remind the public to report abuse of this type if they witness it.”

While pitbull dogs carry a particularly nasty reputation as a breed, neighbours commented that Chance had never exhibited such negative behaviour, describing him as “docile and friendly.”

It was later discovered that Hurd was in violation of his probation charges and would therefore be held without possibility of bail.

Chance was promptly taken to a veterinarian and received emergency care. We wish him a speedy recovery from his ordeal.

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