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Cute Baby Elephant Throws A Temper Tantrum In The Road, Mom Knows Exactly How To Handle It

Mothers all across the world know that toddlers will pout, stamp their feet, and scream like a banshee in order to get their way. Of course, these temper tantrums have never, ever worked.

When your kiddos aren’t embarrassing you in public with their hissy fits, it can be quite fun to watch them put on a show.

It turns out that these adorable antics aren’t limited to the human species, either!

Baby elephants can give Broadway superstars a run for their money when it comes to acting like drama queens. Just take a look at the baby elephant in the video below. He starts off his tirade by plopping his body down on the side of the road.

Then, he proceeds to rock himself from side to side, as if he were moaning about something or other. Perhaps he found a stray meerkat that mom wouldn’t let him play with and swing around on his trunk?

Of course, his stoic mother knows better, and isn’t having any of that nonsense! She walks right by her little one and totally ignores his petulant, over-the-top behavior. I couldn’t stop laughing while this little guy has a fit right on camera!

Check out the video below to see just how far this adorable baby elephant will go to get the attention he thinks he deserves. Ha ha! This is too cute.

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