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Cute Rescued Puppy And Kitten Are The Best Of Friends!

This video shows the relationship between an adorable rescue kitten and a dog who have quickly become the best of friends. Ruggles was rescued from a puppy mill and although he has some health problems because of the conditions he was living in, he is doing well. Chompers is a tiny kitten who was found abandoned. When these two were rescued, they instantly became friends and are inseparable!

These two are the absolute most adorable pair you have ever seen! Ruggles and Chompers have since found loving homes to be adopted into. Although the rescuers had originally planned to keep the two friends together, Chompers (true to her name) became a little too rambunctious with poor Ruggles and the two had to be separated. What a sweet pair these two are. With the music, this video is just an adorable one to watch. It is important everyone does all they can to help animals like Ruggles and Chompers so they can find homes filled with love.

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