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Dad protects scared son as he walks past group of bullies. But notice the secret hiding under his blue coat

Father’s Day is a special day dedicated to the father figures in our lives. What a better way to celebrate the special day than watching the commercial from the American Family Insurance. The ad is going viral for all the right reasons. It emphasizes the fact that great dads have their kid’s back, even though their intentions may not be realized.

The American Family Insurance is in the front line to ensure their clients have the right insurance while pursuing their dreams.

In the ad, we meet a small boy whose dream is to be a flamenco dancer. The dad walks in his room and offers him a box. In the box is a judo uniform. The boy realizes the dad has a different agenda for him. The boy begins judo training. He faces mockery from other kids telling him he needs daddy to protect him.

Something amazing happens. Thanks to the prodding from his dad, he becomes better at judo, earning more belts while gaining strength and confidence. He wins a prized trophy that he proudly displays in his bedroom. The entire time, the boy does not know what his father is setting him upto. Towards, the bend, the bullies no longer intimidate him.

The dad walks to his room again with another box. You will not believe what follows….
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