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Dear Owner Died In An Accident. What The Horse Did In The Funeral Left Everyone’s Heartbroken!

Horse Pays Last Tribute To His Owner In A Unique Way. So Touching!

Many a times, you have heard of people being best friends with an animal, to the extent that they are not able to live without each other. Just when you think that it is a fairy tale with a good ending, death comes in and breaks that unbreakable bond. But surprisingly, such animals do demonstrate love to their owners even when it’s the burial time, and such is the case in the clip below.
In the video below, we see what a horse was able to do to his dearest owner when he died and was being buried. Lima, a man, aged 34, died in a horrible road accident in Brazil. But Lima had a horse by the name of Sereno who meant everything to him. Knowing this, Lima’s brother made sure that Sereno was there to pay his last respect to his friend Lima.
When the hearse vehicle carrying Sereno’s owner arrived, Sereno knew that Lima was inside the casket. He smelled Lima in the casket and went ahead to lay his head on the coffin. Also, Sereno would be seen to be sad when there procession was heading to the cemetery.
Luckily, Sereno found a new owner, who is the brother to the late owner.
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