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The DJ stops the music and it infuriates the bride, what follows floors her further

Planning a wedding is not easy and all couples hope everything will go as planned
Sadly, some things cannot be controlled especially the boring speeches.

Brad and Melissa’s wedding on March 15, 2016, had its fair share of drama. In the footage, the duo is at their wedding reception, waiting to share their first dance. The DJ plays “Like There Is No Yesterday “by Mark Wills. The couple breaks into a dance.

The music suddenly stopsand the DJ says he is experiencing technical issues. However, the DJ has a keyboard player ready and begins playing the song live. The song starts up, and the couple resumes as if nothing had happened.

Moments later, something unexpected happens. Brad turns the bride around, and she comes face-to-face with Mark Wills. Unknown to the bride, her husband was part of the plan.
Witness the emotional twist of events in the video below and share your thoughts.

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