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It Doesn’t Happen That Often

When a wild animal shows up in the parking lot of a Lowe’s most people won’t think a lot about it. This is Anchorage Alaska and sometimes and animal will wonder into town or into the parking lot of a store. Especially when that animal is a moose and it happens to be in its natural habitat. But when that moose sits down for a long time, and starts to breathe funny, something is going to happen.

This is a video clip that was taken from KTVA news station in Alaska showing the entire story. They interview several people that stuck around to witness the entire event and managed to get several shots of the moose before it goes into labor and after the calf was born. Eventually the two of them get up on their own and wander back home where they came from, but not before the poor mother could put on a show for the entire shopping center. Some people even got real close to get their own videos and pictures, while others sat on the curb at a distance to watch. This is a wild animal, and many respected its privacy and its need to be a mother.


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