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This Dog Is The Best Caregiver Around, What He Does With The Baby’s Blanket Is Unbelievable!

Over time, we have come across a number of clips where we have seen dogs and kids having a special connection. The clip below is a similar one, but the dog we are meeting is showing us why dogs have been regarded the best caregivers we have around. Though there are some who can argue that such relationships vary from one family or dog to the other, there are far too many stories and clips showing that dogs can be trusted near our kids.

Dogs can help our kids learn to speak, play and do many other things for the very first time. It has been said that they do have a 6th sense which makes everything possible. In the video below, one dog feels that the baby is not tucked in properly and decided to do it. We can see the dog pushing the blanket around with the intention of making the baby feel protected and safe and it’s quite a scene to watch.

Now that we are sure dogs love us, let us do everything to love them back!

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