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Dog Can Sense Something’s Wrong With His Owner, Knows Exactly What To Do—AMAZING!

This video is posted by a 23 year old woman named Janaye, who has a condition called Syncope causing her to frequently experience spells of passing out without warning. However, thanks to her service dog, Colt, Janaye is able to live a much safer life. Colt is able to detect an oncoming spell about 15 minutes before it occurs, giving Janaye enough time to find a safe place to lie down.

Not only can her service dog do this, but he also will lie under her knees to keep them bent, and help to waker Janaye up. He listens to her breathing and heartbeat to make sure nothing is wrong, and licks her hands to bring her to awareness. Another amazing technique this dog can do is called deep pressure therapy (DPT) while licking her face, which helps wake her up much faster.

Janaye would like to point out that her disability is invisible, but still very real and life-threatening. Colt helps keep her safe and allows her to lead a semi-normal life. Additionally, she points out that service animals have a job to do, and when you see one in public, it’s important to let it do its work without trying to pet, attract, or interact with the dog. You never know when someone is struggling with an invisible disability, so it’s also important to be tolerant, understanding, non-judgmental, and kind!


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