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Dog is dumped twice at the shelter, then all changes when a rich heiress hears her story


I love it when the helpless animals are rescued and given a second chance to live in loving forever homes.

Meet Lady, a dog who was abandoned twice by the same owner. When Lady was taken to a shelter that was 30 miles away and left there by her owner, she again walked back to the same owner. For unknown reasons, the owner never wanted anything to do with the dog and she took her back to the shelter where she dumped her again.

When it was thought everything was going to Lady, Helen Rich came in adopted the unlucky dog. Helen is the heiress of Wrigley fortune. It all happened when Helen heard about the dog’s story and felt that Lady needed a loving home on the same day. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

At the moment, Lady is enjoying life in her new home in Florida. In the home, which sits in a 130-acre farm, there are another 300 animals. Helen believes shelter animals should be adopted and given a good life and that is why she has adopted several of them.

What are your thoughts about adopting shelter animals?

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