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Dog Fell Through Thin Ice, Now Watch What His Owner Is About To Do.. I Have No Words!

We all know that wintertime in Canada can be very cold. But the cold weather did not stop one man from bravely risking it all to save a dog in need. As you will find out, this incident was all caught on video. It all starts when a small dog was walking near a frozen lake.

The pooch wondered onto the ice and fell in the frozen water. This shocked everyone that was around and a small crowd gathered.

Luckily there was a man nearby who knew just what to do. As you will see, the man ran into the frozen lake and quickly got the dog out before he went under. This was a very brave thing to do and everyone was thankful that he was there. If you are a dog lover, please make sure to share this wonderful rescue with all of your friends on social media. It just might put a smile on their face!

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