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Dog Jumps Into The Ocean To Have An Encounter With Dolphins!

ou never know when luck hits your door and changes your life forever. In the clip below, we meet a dog named Sandy. Formerly, Sandy was a street dog who was undergoing hardship until he was rescued and taken to an animal shelter. While there, a family which was looking for a dog to adopt came by and fell in love with him – it was love at first sight. They took him home.

Not only did the family take good care of him, but also they made sure that he went with them on trips and camping. In the clip below, his owner who is nature and dolphin-encounter guide, by the name of Joe Noonan took him for a ride on his boat. While out there in the sea, Sandy spotted dolphins having some good time. Having confidence on his swimming abilities, he decided to jump into the water to goo and say hello to them.

Amazingly enough, the dolphins were never afraid to see him approaching and… Watch the clip below to see what happened next. Please SHARE the adorable video to all your friends and family on Facebook!

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