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Dog Lies In The Middle Of A Road To Mourn His Owner. So Compassionate!

If you thought that a dog can’t harbor any real emotions, you’ve been wrong the whole time. A dog can feel the love showered on them and actually reciprocate that feeling. This video has some evidence, and it’s really touching.

Paco and Kelly Black were so lovely together that nothing could ever come between them. Kelly was Paco’s good owner. They were always together. They would play and take walks together. They really loved and adored each other, until something happened that broke Paco’s heart. Sad!

One day, the two attached souls were taking a stroll together when a truck hit and ran over Kelly. Paco wasn’t hurt in the incident, but he lost his beloved owner. He couldn’t take the loss so easily.He had to mourn.

The dog lay at the scene of the accident and mourned his owner, until other family members arrived. They took Paco home.  The dog’s act of compassion was so touching that even a news reporter showed up at the scene to report on it. He was so sad.

Watch the video here and feel the love of this dog to his owner. Please SHARE with your Facebook friends!


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