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Stray dog is frightened to trust humans hides under her rescuer’s legs

Dusty Showers and Dan Marerro were hiking in the woods when they spotted a terrified dog living all alone in a burned down house. They didn’t even hesitate a bit before they approached closer to take it with them, but the poor animal didn’t trust them and tried to hide so they placed a rescue trap and left.

A couple of days later, the good Samaritans were back into the woods to check on  the small Lab mix.  

The dog was now in their crate but was both frightened and puzzled so she wouldn’t stop barking and growling. However, the moment they took her out, she hid under Dusty’s legs. 

It wasn’t long before Shelley, that’s how they named her, started being comfortable around humans. She was lucky enough to be placed in a foster family who taught her a bunch of tricks and manners. Her foster mom, Diane Adams, gave her a new name, Kiya. 

Kiya’s transformation from a timid dog to a vibrant one is simply incredible. 

Take a look at the video to learn more of this adorable dog.

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