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Dog Spends 2 Days On Frozen Rail-Tracks Trying To Save Injured Friend

The dog may be man’s best friend, but you really can’t afford to overlook the kind of strong attachment the canines can foster between themselves. Take this case, for example, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It stole my heart!

So these two canines happened to have been strolling around when one of them had his leg stuck on the rail-trucks. It was freezing out there, and the dog couldn’t get himself out. His best friend couldn’t either, but he still couldn’t leave him stranded there. What happened next is something you need to know!

The two dogs spent 2 whole days together, with the free one trying to help his friend out. He would cover him with his body to keep him from the chilling temperatures, and if a train came by, he would still shield him with his body as the huge machine cruised noisily over their very heads. Such loyalty!

Luckily for the two, they were finally found and rescued. They’re named Lucy and Panda, and they’re now safe and sound. Watch the video here and witness the rescue captured by Denis Malafeev.

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