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This Dog Thanks An Officer After Saving Him From Danger – Heartwarming!

If you ever thought that the police are just there to chase after law breakers, then I suppose that you are wrong, as police can help the society in very many ways. One day like the others, Nick Sheppard, who is a police officer received a phone call. The call was about a dog that had been trapped on a wired fence and needed to be set free.

Being a lover of dogs, he understood the pain the animal was undergoing and how he needed to be saved. He went to the scene and what he saw was exactly as told on the phone. The dog was trying to jump over the fence where he was caught. Now terrified, Nick needed to approach him carefully.

Before rescuing him, he wore a head camera so that he would film the whole of the saving process. First, he made sure he won the dog’s trust, then proceeded to free the trapped leg by cutting the wire fence.

Once he was set free, the pup ran away and Sheppard had to go after him to ensure that he was not hurt. The dog went straight to the police car and jumped into it!

Maybe by doing that, the dog was ready to be friends with the officer. Watch the video below and please SHARE it with all the dog lovers on Facebook!


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