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Mother has pretty much love from her dogs they don’t even let her to bathroom

Do you ever wonder what your dog is doing at home while you are out? The answer will make you sad and happy at the same time. They wait for you to get back. Yes, that is how much dogs love their humans. And some of them, including the sweet gang consisting of five dogs named Riley, Libby, Cali, Murphy and Sophie are even obsessed with their human parents.

Yes, these five doggies love their mom so much that they even follow her in the bathroom. In fact, it is their favorite activity.

Taking care of the dogs who won’t leave her side leaves Abby Rose Avery with a lot on her plate, but she doesn’t complain. What’s most, she’s happy with all the love and attention she gets from her furry pals.

“They follow me to the bathroom/shower/bath almost constantly,” Avery told The Dodo. 

They believe they keep her safe that way and it’s the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard or seen.

When they are out, Avery and her dogs get lots of stares because they look so cute together. She even recalls the time when she took them hiking one day and had to use the restroom. As always, she took all five of them into the stall with her and although it took the onlookers’ attention, it was just a regular and usual thing for the sweet canines.

“They were very well-behaved as they usually are,” Avery said. “I told them ‘in’ and they all laid down and stared at me lovingly.” 

“There was a barbecue going on at the park and many people stared, pointed and giggled,” Avery said. “A woman next to me in the stall said, ‘That’s a lot of feet!’”

With so many loving dogs by her side who always make sure their mommy is safe, Avery has to be the luckiest girl in the whole world.

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