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Dogs React Funnily When The Owner Questions Them Who Tore His Pants!

Have you ever known that dogs can be able to get what you ask them? If you don’t believe it, then the video below will change your opinion. When this owner came home from work, he went straight to change his clothes to put on the comfortable sweatpants. He was surprised to find out that it had been torn and was on the floor. He immediately called his two dogs to ask them who did such a thing. What a reaction from them!

The two dogs rushed to the owner thinking of receiving some petting, but also conscious that they had done something wrong. When you see them in the video, you will realize that they are undecided if to approach their owner to greet him or to escape the punishment.

Actually when the owner had not spotted what the pups had done, the two dogs Missie and Laydie were very happy to meet him. But when he returned with the torn pants and asked them who did that, they both lower their heads in shame. I can’t stop laughing at their reaction!

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