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What These Dolphins Did To This Water-Skier Will Melt Your Heart. So Awesome!

Have you heard of the Sea of Cortez? If not, you’re about to, and in the most incredible fashion. Stay here!

The Sea of Cortez is a really nice place just off the Mexican coast, and people love going on waterskiing adventures there. Now, that’s exactly what this smart lady did. However, what the good human didn’t know is that some marine creatures, too, enjoy a good time, and more so when a human is on the team.

So here we have a nice video of this lady doing her thing on the waters, and then some dolphins showing up to share the good times. You must say it’s a really wonderful experience for this lady!

Although this sea is known to harbor over 100 species of sharks, that doesn’t stop this lady and her dolphin friends from sharing this memorable time. You’ll just love how they swim under her as they participate in this cool maneuver captured in the video.

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