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Donkey Couldn’t Work Was Set To Be Killed – Wolf’s Next Move Stuns The Whole Village

November 18, 2017 Stories


Disney cartoons, children’s stories, and fairy tales often show a variety of animals living in harmony.

While there are certainly plenty of different species that get along well, these are usually sunnier depictions of animal life than the reality might reflect.

Nature can be full of surprises. You think you know the basic rules, but even those don’t always apply. For instance, we all know that predators hunt and eat prey.

A carnivore will never pass up an opportunity to eat a prey, because as the rule of nature goes, it’s either kill or be killed. But a story from Albania contradicted all this.

It involves a wolf and a donkey and occurred in Patok, Albania.

An old donkey was no longer useful to his owner, and several villagers thought they’d come up with a good idea after they managed to catch a wolf and locked it into a small cage.

The wolf needed to be fed – and because the donkey was no longer useful, they thought he would make good food for the wolf, according to Honest to Paws.


But things took an unexpected turn when he was put into the wolf’s pen. Instead of fighting to the death, the two became instant friends.


The wolf wasn’t violent with the donkey, and it naturally surprised the villager. A petition was created to make the villagers release the two friends. Due to the pressure of the public outcry, they eventually relented. The donkey was released to another pasture, and apparently, the wolf comes to visit him occasionally!

Check out their unbelievable story below:

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