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Drowning Dog Is Rescued From A Well. What Happens Afterwards Will Make You Shed A Tear.

In the video below, we meet a dog that had fallen into a ditch. It was not clear what the dog had been doing so as to fall into the ditch full of water, but one certain thing was that he was exhausted from trying to maintain himself afloat in order not to drown.

Luckily enough, some little kids passing by were able to spot him and had to call the rescue team who immediately set out to save him. Animal Aid reached the place and found him still clinging at the edge of the ditch but looking very tired. With the help of the other rescuers, one of them entered the ditch and managed to get the dog and helped him get out of the ditch.

Once outside, he was carried to the Animal Aid center, where he dried and put in a warm place to rest so as to regain back some energy. He was also observed just to make sure he was healthy and was not suffering from any sickness.

After some hours of resting, the dog changed to become happy and excited again with a thankful face.

Watch the rescue clip below and please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook if you consider the rescue work to be important!


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