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Eggs challenge for brain games to be solved by fast thinkers


Sitting down to do a few puzzles and riddles is my favorite way to kill time. No matter how tired I feel, spending an hour with my sudoku book always leaves me awake and with a clear mind.

Humans nowadays have our brains full of things we need to do, for example washing clothes, doing the dishes, picking up the kids and many other little things that require our concentration. What can I tell you? Being an independent adult sure is awesome, but tiring.

So to be able to take all that, we need to take a break every now and then to clear our minds. It’s healthy for the brain to exercise regularly, just as you should take a walk every day or go for a run once or twice every week.

Brainteasers have two functions, the first one is having fun, for the brain to have a proper exercise the most important thing is that all the muscles in the body are relaxed. The second function is, of course, the actual exercise. Usually, crosswords and sudoku from the newspapers were the most accessible and popular puzzles.

Thanks to the internet, however, today an infinite variety of puzzles and riddles are at our disposal.

Logical thinking

The riddle below has gotten thousands of people wanting to pull their hair out trying to solve it. It’s anything but easy, however, if you really concentrate and think about it, you should be able to do it.

How many eggs do I have left?

Here comes today’s puzzle. Look at the next picture.

The puzzle is:
I have six eggs.
I broke two.
I cooked two.
I ate two.
How many eggs do I have left?

Can you come up with the answer? Think carefully, read the riddle a few times. We’ll show you the correct answer below

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