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Einstein is an African Gray Parrot and is considered one of the smartest birds on the planet.

This guy has a huge vocabulary and can respond to questions at whim.

In this video, you will see him mimic animal sounds and answer questions his handler asks. He is absolutely adorable to watch and you will not believe how intelligent he is. This bird entertains guests at the Knoxville Zoo’s Bird Show in Knoxville, TN.

If you have never seen Einstein perform, you are in for a treat when you view this video. From saying his name to laughing in an evil laugh, he is full of entertaining words and sounds that will make you laugh.

African Grays are some of the most vocal parrots alive and they are amazing to watch. Einstein has become quite the star and relishes in all of the attention he receives from his fans. This is a talking parrot you have got to see to believe!

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