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This Elvis Presley Song Is Unlike Anything You Have Heard Before

This heartfelt song stars two very famous people. Elvis Presley and his daughter Lisa Marie are singing together a song titled “In The Ghetto”. The video was put together years after the late and great Elvis passed away. But his beautiful voice along with his daughter’s shines through. This is a very powerful song that will move you!

Once you hear this song, you will be taken away. Both Elvis and his daughter have very wonderful voices which make this song even more beautiful. A lot of people have already watched this video clip and many of them have given it a thumbs up. While the song is a very sad one, it showcases the struggles that many people are going through. If you enjoyed watching this video clip as much as I did, please make sure to share it with all of your friends and family members on Facebook. Please help spread this very important message.


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