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Enjoy This Classic Elvis Presley Performance as He Sings Return to Sender

There is nothing like watching Elvis Presley perform his classic hits. In this video, you will feel like the clock has turned back time and you are transported to an era when time moved slower and rock n’ roll was just beginning to rise.

In his time, Elvis was considered a legend and also a risque performer with his hip twisting dances. Elvis always made the girls go wild and this performance is no exception! So, pull up a chair, sit back, and turn your speakers open wide so you can enjoy this classic hit.

From the moment Elvis takes the stage, he has the audience captivated. This video clip has been taken from the movie, Girls! Girls! Girls! With his sultry tones and each swing of his hips, he invites you into his world, where feelings are worn on the sleeve.

Check out this definitive performance and enjoy every minute of it. Don’t be surprised if you want to watch it again and again.

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