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Ever Tried Dropping Biscuit Dough In Hot Cooking Oil? The Result Is Awesome!

If someone asked me what are the best treats on this planet then my answer will automatically be the donut. They are tasty when they are fresh immediately from the oven. I also prefer to eat them when they are warm as the appetizing smell oozes out of the donut as you bite. I like that! I always feel hungry when I remember the donuts.

You can also introduce holes into this donut if you like them. Let me surprise you by informing you that it can only take you 3 minutes to make the donut. Having got this idea I know that you might be running into the kitchen. Believe me, after knowing how this works I spent few days showing it to my friends.

In this clip, POPSUGAR shows us how one can make donuts at home in the shortest time possible. You need to have the biscuit dough, a quarter cup of sugar and cooking oil. You can also include other additives of your choice.  Divide the biscuit can it into four equal sections. Drop the sections into the hot oil and in 3 minutes you will have your golden brown donuts. Look at the video clip for a better demonstration.

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