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Everyone Is Angry At This Cable Car Driver For Doing This To A Service Pit Bull. I’m Sad!

We all know that it’s perfectly legal to get on board trains and even enter restricted places in the company of a registered service dog. But some people are so cold-hearted that they deem it satisfying to mistreat people accompanied by service dogs. It’s never funny!

Point in case is what happened to this man. This guy has a really nice and friendly pit bull as a service dog. However, one cable car driver decided to get all cocky and express his hate for the dog. When the man got into the car, the driver gave him and his dog a really stern look and demanded that they get off, all because he had a dog. He even called a cop to assist in throwing out the man and his dog!

Gina Tomaselli witnessed the whole incident and took a video, and now everyone is angry about the man’s uncalled-for treatment. I can’t believe even the cop had the guts to side with the driver!

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