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Extremely Scared Abandoned Dog Bites Her Rescuer. But What She Does Seconds Later Is Tear-Jerking

The majority of street and ill-treated dogs don’t like the company of man due to the fear of being mistreated again. For this reason, animal experts and rescuers face difficulties in trying to save them. Actually, when one gets himself in the rescuing activity, he is exposed to the risk of being bitten thus endangering his life. The clip below is nothing different from what many rescuers have to undergo when they are in the process of saving a street dog.

We see as this non-profit organization by the name of Hope For Paws, tries to rescue a street dog. When they spotted her, there was no doubt that the dog never wanted no humans near her. She was showing her canines as a protective measure to convey a message that she was not ready to be disturbed. However, the rescuers had to be skillful and employ the usage of towels so that they would not be bitten with the street dog.

At first all proved to be impossible, but after some time, the rescuers were able to gain his trust and convincing him that they were not harmful and had no evil plan against her. They managed to put a leash on her neck and took her to a foster home where she was treated with care while waiting to be adopted to a forever home. She got a name Holly.

Watch the clip below and please SHARE it widely on social media to create awareness that all animals have a right to live a good life!

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