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Family of 5 Kids Adopts 6 Foster Children at Once. Now Watch The Siblings’ Reaction when Judge Speaks Up

While Christina and Christopher sanders have 5 kids already, they’re not the type to turn away helpless kids without a home.

The couple has been opening up their home as foster parents to needy kids. This time around, they took things a level higher!

So it happened that these 6 kids needed a home. They’re all blood siblings. Since the couple didn’t want to separate the lovely little ones, they decided to take them all in. Next? This is too awesome!

To complete the process, they had to face a judge who would grant them legal custody of the kids. Needless to say, the judge was a cool one, making sure that the kids got true justice. To make things even lovelier, the whole family showed up in the courtroom. A couple and their 11 kids!

From the look of it, these kids are all in love with each other. You should hear what one of the little ladies has to say about her new sister.

They even got clad in matching clothes! Watch this and SHARE right now!

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