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Family out boating hears strange sounds. Sees black spot in distance swimming toward them

This summer, when the Nikitina family went on vacation, they never expected that they will return with a new family member at the end of it. They were swimming and sailing at the Black See when they heard a strange sound. That is when they saw a creature moving near the island’s shore.

With time, the sound became more persistent and that is when they saw the creature approaching them. After some time, they discovered the black creature was a kitten. Though it was not clear how the cat found itself on the island, one thing was clear- the cat needed to be rescued.

Though at the start it was a hard task rescuing the cat, it finally started swimming towards their boat. They then scooped it from the water and brought them into the boat. After drying the cat up, they realized everything was okay with her, part from being hungry and exhausted. They then decided to take the poor creature home and adopted her.

As we speak Aurora- as they named her- is happy in her new family.

Kindly witness the Aurora’s rescue in the clip below and SHARE her story with all on Facebook!

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