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Family cat is snatched by two hungry coyotes their rescued pitbull races outside saves the day

A cat was recently saved by a pit bull friend who happened to be living in the same house. Kitty was at the backyard of her home in Seminole, Florida, when two coyotes appeared from nowhere and began attacking her. What happened next…?

The 47-year-old owner named Pam Taylor, a mother of two, was watching the whole encounter from the house. She said that she was at the laundry room when she heard noises at the backyard. On looking through the window, two huge coyotes were at the yard and one was holding the cat by the neck and shaking her. She quickly went to her bedroom to tell her spouse.

Greg Taylor said that her wife started yelling and they both rushed outside to save the poor cat. But upon arriving at the backyard, they witnessed something very touching from a dog named Jack, who they had adopted recently.

Jack who now was weeks old in the home, and never got interested in Kitty, went ahead to rescue her life. Jack scared the coyotes away and the owners took Kitty and Jack to the nearest vet.

In the fierce encounter with the coyotes, Kitty lost a tooth, and got some cerebral swelling. As for jack, he was bitten together with some scratches, but he was okay. Luckily, they are back home recovering.

Ms. Taylor, confessed that it was strange as Jack never got interested in Kitty since being adopted, until when the cat was attacked. After the attack, the dog has been constantly checking on Kitty and watching for the coyotes not to come back.

The couple said that were it not for Jack, Kitty would have died of the coyote attack. They regarded Jack to be a hero.

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