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Farm Family Sings “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” Sung in an Empty Silo

You have surely never heard this type of rendition of the classic hymn, What a Friend We Have in Jesus! This farming family loves to sing together and when they begin to sing in an empty silo, the result is the most beautiful sound you have ever heard! The acoustics in this old silo prove perfect for singing this old gospel hymn. Without any musical instrument accompaniment, this family performs flawlessly, their voices seeming to rise to Heaven.

The amazing harmonies they create together sound better than you can possibly imagine. This peaceful song will stir your soul and give your heart true peace as you realize there is no better friend than Jesus! Who would have thought a silo could create such a beautiful sound. This family is truly blessed to be able to perform in such a way together. If their amazing song touched your heart, don’t you forget to Please SHARE on Facebook.


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