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Farmer Stambled across an exteremely rare creature, decides to find a new home for it

Chinese farmer discovers rare creature – turns out to be Hourglass Spider
The video about one of the earliest documented spider in the Chinese history, that’s huge and has a disked-abdomen that was found in an orange farm belonging to Wenhua Li. This spider spends most of its life under the soil and only comes to the surface using trapdoors to look for food or mate, and this happens at night. This, therefore, makes it hard to be spotted by the local during their day to day activities. Beyond the year 2000 leading to this incident, this rare species of spider had only been seen a countable number of times; six times to be specific.

When Mr. Wenhua Li discovered the spider on his farm located in China’s south-west area, the first thing he thought of was to sell it as a pet so that he could enrich himself. He thought it was some sort of ancient creature that had remained in his farm.

However, after reports went round about the creature, he discovered it was an ancient Spider whose documentation dates back to between 5th and 2nd Century Before Christ. Not many people have had a chance to see this spider in their lifetime, including scientists working in the museum like Li Zhu. It’s a rare species whose value is extremely high, especially in the scientific research field. These types of spiders (trapdoor) are hard to find, and if you happen to see one, it would take you a long time or forever to see another one.

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