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Fireman shows trick that can save your life if you’re ever choking and no one is around

Most of us have an idea or two about the Heimlich Maneuver. You get taught about it in babysitting classes, you watch it in movie scenes, you attend health classes and even TV shows feature it in action. But you understand that this trick works when two people are involved. Someone gets choked in public, so you walk over and do something about it.

Now, when you’re biting into a sandwich and you know you’re alone in the house, you tend to start worrying when you think of choking. Say you’re swallowing that sweet piece and then it gets lodged in your throat, there’s no one around to punch your back or squeeze you tight; what are you going to do?

That’s why you need to watch this video. The guy in it is a smart guy who thinks about smart things, so he came up with a genius way of ensuring you don’t kick the bucket just because a piece of something fails to go down your throat.

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Watch this clip and tell us what you think of this man’s genius trick. Drop a comment and SHARE the clip with your buddies on Facebook!


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