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A Flash Mob Rewards Busy Christmas Shoppers With a Presentation of the Hallelujah Chorus

Many people are used to hearing Christmas carols at the mall. However, usually they are going to hear canned versions that more or less exist as background noise. They usually will not hear talented live performers start singing apparently at random during the food court. However, that is exactly what happens in this video, to the gradual surprise of a lot of people in the makeshift audience.

Many of the flash mob singers are very talented, singing the song in an almost operatic manner. Lots of the onlookers seem to be a little confused as to what is going on, but many of them still quiet down enough in order to listen to the people who are singing.

People should please SHARE this video on Facebook, since it seems to say interesting things about group psychology in general, and it is a very pleasant and very familiar holiday video to show.

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