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It Was Flooding, But The Dog Was Still Chained To This House. Watch What The News Crew Does!

When the Brazos River’s water levels reached record heights, many people did what they could to salvage their valuables. So when the news crew was taking rounds, shooting videos to update the nation of what was going on, they were surprised to see that someone had chained a dog to their house and left it to drown. Only a cruel person could do that, although we are not certain for sure what exactly happened.

The good news is that the dog got saved on time before the flood water covered it. The news crew jumped off their boat and ran to save it.

They did this despite the great risk posed by the flood. Sometimes the love and kindness in a person is shown through the little things that he/she does to the creatures that need help , This is just one of those moments that makes you realize that love is boundless, and you do not need to know someone to express it. According to the vet, the poor animal could have lost its live if they had not acted fast. Kindly SHARE this touching clip on Facebook to spread the message of love!

Check out what this news crew did when they found a dog chained to the front porch of a flooded house!

Publié par NBC12 sur jeudi 2 juin 2016

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