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Getting A Forever And Loving Home Meant A Lot To This Mistreated Dog!

What is your opinion on this? Is it a normal thing to chain a dog and isolate it? There are dogs who have lived this kind of life, like the pup in the clip below called Sarah. Sarah lacked medical attention and the love from her owners the way other dogs do.

The owner knew very well that Sarah needed attention as she was covered with flies all over her body but he never even gave her some petting on the head claiming that she was disgusting.

But luck was by her side when some rescuers came and took her away. They cleaned her and gave her the care that she had been missing all that time.

Currently, Sarah enjoys a life of a dog and has forgotten the miserable life she used to have before with her former owner. Formerly, she was afraid of humans getting closer to her but all that has changed and she likes to be in company of humans.

And the good news is that she was finally adopted to a permanent home where she is well taken care of.

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