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Girl Is In Shock When Her Boyfriend’s Mom Told Her A Secret About Him. But He Never Knew She’d React Like This.


Nothing means more to us than being accepted for who we are by those we love.. The following is a story from Greater Good, about love and acceptance.

When I was 16, I met a guy in math class. He was intelligent, caring, funny, but a little “off” somehow. We talked every day and hung out as often as we could. With him, I could talk about anything. He didn’t judge. He was very logical. I liked that about him.

We got to know each other very well and eventually I gave him my phone number, and we talked every night. Then, a couple months later, while talking on the phone one night, he just randomly declared his love for me! I literally sat there in my bedroom, no idea what to say! Haha. But, as awkward as it was at first, I kinda started to realize… maybe I love him too…. So we started dating.

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