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Girlfriend Tells Him: “Get Rid of The Dog Or Kiss Me Goodbye” – His Response Has The Internet Applauding

After spending four years together, a couple living in Roanoke, Virginia took their next step and decided to move in together. However, the guy didn’t expect that he has to pay a horrible price for this. His girlfriend, without caring for his beloved beagle, Molly, would only accept to move in if he abandon the dog.

Of course, it was such a terrible thing news to hear from his girlfriend. But how the guy fixed the problem is very enough to applaud him for it.. Well deserved!

This is the Craigslist ad he posted soon after.

Way to go, dude. You really made the right choice with this one. Anyone who asks you to get rid of your best friend is in need of  being “rehomed” for sure. The question is, would anybody take her?

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