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Gorgeous Shiba Inu Pup Knows How To Follow Police Commands!

Kibo was only three months old in this video but had already learned an arsenal of tricks that make his owner very proud of him. In this video, you will see Kibo’s owner acting as if he is a police officer by forming a pretend gun with his hand and commanding Kibo to “Spread ‘Em!” Each time, this adorable dog does exactly as he is instructed, putting his paws against the wall so he can be searched.

Kibo is one of the most adorable dogs you have ever seen and you will love seeing him in action! He is so fun to watch and will have you laughing out loud each time he successfully performs the trick he has become so famous for. This dog knows how to follow commands and is going to grow up to be one smart K9! Maybe he will one day have a job working with the police.

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