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Gorilla brothers are separated for 3 years. watch what happens when they’re reunited.

When family members reunite after being separated for many years, it’s an emotional event. There are tears of joy and tears that come with missing out on time with a loved one.

These feelings and moments aren’t just limited to humans. Animals have connections and attachments to their kin just like we do. No matter how long or short the time spent apart lasts, it can still feel like a million years when you love and miss someone. It’s made abundantly clear with the siblings in this video from ABC News.

Living in different zoos, brothers Kesho and Alf were separated from each other for three years. The gorilla brothers were born at Dublin Zoo and are four years apart in age, with Kesho, a silverback, being the oldest. Shipped off to the London Zoo for breeding, Kesho missed hanging out with baby bro Alf.Years later, they were to be reunited at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. But zookeepers were worried— worried these guys wouldn’t recognize each other and thus commence a showdown of WWE proportions, that is. It turned out to be all for naught though, and zoo staff soon learned the meaning of their brotherly bond.

Watch the clip below to learn how the two western lowland gorillas reacted to one another. Kesho and Alf didn’t miss a beat! As is often the case with folks we haven’t seen in a while, it’s like no time had passed, and they picked up where they left off.

Also mentioned in the video is how gorillas share 97% of human DNA. It’s really not that surprising that they are intelligent, warm, and jovial. And judging by this clip, Kesho and Alf’s relationship might be in better shape than those of some human siblings. You know what we mean?

Like us, they grew up tussling, playing, and doing everyday things together. Like us, they grew up knowing what fam love is about. Go bros! Today, they’re teenagers. Kesho and Alf have their own lakeside digs at Longleat in England, and they share it with another brother – Evindi – who’s the youngest of the bunch. Catch that? There’s a total of three siblings!

Their neighbor is another famous resident, Nico, who’s a silverback with his own quarters, and is known for being a bit moody. He stays on his own island. Longleat’s Gorilla Colony is set up to take care of all of these beautiful animals for the rest of their days. Sadly, the World Wildlife Fund has the western gorilla listed as critically endangered. Longleat’s plan is to keep these three brothers together to the very end.

Raise your hand if you’re happy to see these reunited siblings showing love to each other! Not only do Kesho, Alf, and Evindi not have to worry about missing each other again, but they get to fist bump, wrestle, and trade barbs all they want.

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