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Grieved With Losing A Loved One? This Song Has All The Comfort You Need Now!

No one was meant to live forever and at one time we will all die. However this is sad, but is a fact that has to happen to us. All the time we lose a family member or a loved one, we get filled with sorrow knowing that we will never see him/her again. But what soothes us in such cases is the fact that the deceased are somewhere in heaven sitting with the Almighty.

The video below is a performance of a song entitled ‘Knowing What I Know About Heaven,’ sung by Guy Penrod and Sarah Darling. Listening to it from the beginning to the end will surely give strength and comfort to a person filled with grievance after losing a loved one. The lyrics of the song tells us how the loved ones who are long gone are in someplace where love never ends.

Listen to the comforting song below and please SHARE it with friends and families on Facebook who have lost a loved one!

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