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This Guy Is Teasing His Dog About Something, And It Decides To Speak Out – So Cute!

I believe you must have come across clips on YouTube which are quite funny but are associated with “Bad Lip Reading.” In such cases, the dialogue is not in sync with the lips. It gets even cuter when animals are involved. This concept is well understood by Andrew Grantham and in the video below, he has prepared a clip where one dog has featured and it appears he is having a silly conversation with it.

Since Andrew posted the clip on his YouTube channel known as Talking Animals, it has had around 200 million views. In the conversation, Andrew is teasing the animal that he has eaten the food without sharing.

The video is made lively by the voice of the dog. What I loved with this clip is that the voice perfectly matches with the looks of the pooch. His sounds, eyes and facial expressions perfectly fit the dialogue and is really pissed off that his favorite food has been consumed.

Everything that Andrew talks about disappoints the dog, but slowly he starts becoming hopeful when the talk picks up another direction. You need to keenly watch the ears of the puppy. It is our hope that he finally gave the dog some food since it clearly needed it.

Which part did you love most in this clip? Do you think your dog can sound in a similar manner if it had the ability to talk?

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